Aged Care Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy Services for our Aged Care Clients


Physiotherapy assessments to ensure resident’s optimum transfers and mobility needs are identified while maintaining OH&S for care staff.
Designing care plans to improve and maintain functional independence and maximise their quality of life, reflect their current potentials and assistance requirement.
Risk assessments and prevention plan to minimise incidents and risk of injury like falls risk assessment and management, restrain risk assessment and management and pressure area risk assessment and management.
Chronic pain assessments and treatments to ensure that residents remain pain-free as far as possible utilising our unique “complex pain management program”.
Equipment assessment and prescriptions to ensure that residents get the best available equipment while keeping it cost effective for residents and facility.


Continuous ongoing education and support with a difference. We believe that a classroom session is not enough for care staff to understand the details of resident care especially when it comes to manual handling, falls prevention and pressure area care. We, therefore, work with care staff to ensure that they understand and learn best practices. Our voluntary educational services to facilities have always been applauded as we have successfully achieved better staff compliance.


We understand that facilities face an uphill task of being compliant with various Federal and State bodies like accreditation agencies and Worksafe Victoria. We, therefore, assist facilities by regular quality checks to ensure compliance with accreditation standards. We also assist with OH&S compliance by conducting regular audits for lifting machines and slings and providing best practice recommendations.

We provide obligation free ACFI consultancy and gap review to ensure that you can maximise your funding within the confines of legislation.

Our physiotherapists are trained to understand aged care culture and practices. We have a very comprehensive documentation package, which has been remarkably appreciated by many assessors at accreditation.
We must admit that we go out of our ways to customise our service according to the facility’s and resident’s needs, as physiotherapy is all about individualised care


We offer a range of education and inservice programs for aged care facility staff to keep them up-skilled

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